613 Soccer has 2 main services; training (as our name might suggest!) and player analysis/consultation.

What to Expect:

As a training client of 613 Soccer, you will be assigned a Trainer for the duration of your program. Trainers will customize session plans to address your specific needs and requirements. Sessions last anywhere from 50 to 120 minutes, depending on the group size, intensity and goals. We endeavor to make the sessions easily accessible and will usually scope out a suitable location to practice in your area. Throughout the COVID19 Pandemic, virtual training is available and all in-person protocols are adhered to.

A standard training journey will begin like this:

  • Meet & greet to outline client goals, ambitions
  • Coach-developed player specific program presented
  • Individual session plans made and conducted by expert coach
  • Benchmark testing before program begins
  • Benchmark tests throughout to determine progress

Standard Summer Rates (in-person 1-to-1 training):

  • 50 minute private session (1 player) – soccer skills, ball mastery or fitness $40
  • 90 min private session (1 player) – soccer skills, ball mastery or fitness $60

As a consultancy client of 613 Soccer, you will be assigned an analyst who will set up an initial conversation to discern the player’s ambitions. Individual player footage analysis is a great starting point for most players. The analyst will review match and practice footage to provide actionable insights.

Consultancy/analysis options may include:

  • Video footage capture for performance analysis
  • Video footage capture and/or compilation for showcasing (scholarship chasing)
  • Initial coach contact for ambitious potential scholar-athletes

Multimedia Packages:

  1. Training Video Footage
  2. Match Video Footage
  3. Combination of Match and Training Footage
  4. Personal edited video footage with player analysis
  5. Showcase video footage & editing

Email: to arrange your first session.

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