Key points:

  • Trust to try things with little fear of repercussion
  • Sense of control & clarity in calmness
  • Flexibility to play in multiple positions & roles
  • Two-way feedback conducive to trusting environment
  • Master the basics & build with creative license

Conviction in decisions is everything (make a choice and stick to your guns – even if it doesn’t turn out)

All players willing to rebuild i.e. playing the ball back to go forward.

Players with composure, no rush on the ball. Low pressure training environment, high pressure SSGs – can create own time and space to act.

Effective Movement is crucial to creating space and opportunities – ‘effectiveness’ determined by [change of] speed, direction and commitment.

Players willing to interchange with other positions dependent on scenario.

All players feel comfortable to dribble the ball out when space presents itself – regardless of position on pitch.

Players need to watch more professionals for game-specific understanding & knowledge.