Collaborative Coaching Model: Getting all major stakeholders onside in player development

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Collaborative Coaching Model

Collaborative Coaching Model Diagram showing relationships and questions to ask as a party to development

Once a lament of Louis van Gaal, Philosophy has become a mainstream must for modern coaches. We are encouraged to know why we do what we do, what beliefs provide foundation for our actions and overall how did we get to where we are. If we do not have a clear picture, how can we paint a clear picture for players?
Through philosophizing, I came up with a concept of Collaborative Coaching. This model allows main stakeholders/parties involved in player development to get on the same page. The model provides guidance for Players, Parents, Coaches and Stakeholders (a catchall for Board Members, Officials, Managers etc.). My belief is that we must all be involved and aware of what each other’s role is within player development. Coaches must buy-in to club ideals. Parents must buy-in to coaching methodologies and approach. This, in turn, make it easier for coaches to gain player buy-in. Club’s must understand what parents & players expect. Ultimately, we as coaches have responsibility to a few different parties – which can sometimes put us in the firing line.
The model was created to rid the development process of ambiguity, pose difficult questions and create transparency between parties. Sugar coating what we’re doing may provide short-term relief from pressure, but if you can provide honest insights, long-term success is more likely. Linkages show the relationship associated with a question. For example, the Stakeholder might ask themselves “am I creating a good environment/organizational structure for player development?” which pertains to the Stakeholder/Player relationship.
Let me know your thoughts – are there other questions you would include in your model? Are there different parties you would establish communication channels for? Do you agree with the idea of Collaborative Coaching?

Coach FM


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